North 2 South Iron Works Creates Character Through Exterior Metal Work in Seattle, WA

Seattle is an interplay of nature’s rugged beauty and modern ingenuity that requires its own architectural language. Exterior metal work in Seattle, WA provides that language – an elegant blend of strength and aesthetics that defines the city’s skyline, streetscapes and character. At North 2 South Iron Works we don’t simply fabricate metal; rather we weave story-driven designs that become part of Seattle’s story.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: The Enduring Appeal of Exterior Metalwork

Exterior metal work provides Seattle, with its constant bouts with the elements, with much-needed resilience. Not only is its aesthetic value undeniable; its resilience provides numerous benefits that meet all their needs:

  • Unwavering Strength: Metal is known for its extraordinary resilience. North 2 South Iron Works uses high-grade metals with industry leading fabrication techniques ensuring your exterior metal work stands tall as testaments of Seattle’s timeless character.


  • Metal’s Aesthetic Define a City: From contemporary office towers to the intricate details found on historic structures, metal provides a versatile palette for architectural expression. This allows designers to seamlessly incorporate designs that fit within Seattle’s varied architectural landscape.


  • Versatility that Knows No Bounds: Unlike other materials, metal can be formed into an endless variety of shapes. North 2 South Iron Works embraces this versatility by pushing fabrication techniques further than ever to craft exterior elements that are both visually striking yet functionally sound.


  • Sustainable Solutions for a Green City: Metal is an eco-friendly material, fitting right in with Seattle’s dedication to environmental preservation. At North 2 South Iron Works, we actively seek opportunities to use recycled metals in projects while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact and conserving resources.
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Influencing the Landscape One Project at a Time with Exterior Metal Work in Seattle, WA

  • North 2 South Iron Works stands out as an industry leader when it comes to exterior metalwork in Seattle. Our team of passionate professionals is focused on turning your vision into reality while contributing to Seattle’s unique character. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Trust Our Local Expertise: At Seattle Metal Works, we understand the specific needs of Seattle’s construction industry. Our team consists of local metalworkers with years of experience who possess an in-depth knowledge of regional building codes, seismic safety regulations and unique climate challenges faced in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Custom Fabrication for an Individual City: At North 2 South Iron Works, we believe Seattle deserves unique solutions rather than cookie-cutter designs. Our expertise lies in custom exterior metalwork projects designed to reflect your vision while fitting seamlessly into Seattle’s architectural tapestry.
  • Building Seattle Together: North 2 South Iron Works’ goal is to foster collaboration in building Seattle. We believe in open dialogue and working closely with architects, designers, and contractors throughout every step of the process to ensure we deliver products that surpass expectations. Our team keeps you updated on progress updates, promptly addresses any inquiries or concerns, and ensures an aesthetically pleasing integration of metalwork into building designs.


  • Commitment to Quality and Safety: At North 2 South Iron Works, we take great pride in the quality and safety of our work, crafting every piece with care from only premium materials using industry-leading fabrication techniques. Furthermore, we strictly abide by safety protocols throughout each stage to protect both the well-being of our team as well as your project.

Your Vision into Seattle's Legacy

North 2 South Iron Works offers a wide array of exterior metal work in Seattle, WA that will spruce up the appearance of any building.

  • Building Envelopes and Facades: From sleek modern curtain wall systems to elaborate metal panels adorning historic structures, North 2 South Iron Works’ impressive building envelopes and facades will enhance both your project’s visual appeal and Seattle’s architectural identity. 
  • Architectural Accents: Small details often go unnoticed when it comes to creating the personality of a building, but their significance cannot be overlooked. North 2 South Iron Works can create custom-designed metal railings, decorative cornices, ornamental features and ornaments that add elegance and sophistication to the exterior of any structure. 
  • Balconies and Canopies: Metal balconies and canopies provide both functionality and aesthetics to buildings. At North 2 South Iron Works, we specialize in designing and fabricating custom balconies that maximize usable outdoor space while adding modern flare. Additionally, we can craft stylish canopies to provide shelter from rain or provide shelter at entrance points of buildings. 
  • Sustainable Solutions: North 2 South Iron Works is committed to using environmentally sustainable practices in its projects. We specialize in green roof systems featuring lightweight metal support structures – perfect for urban environments seeking to promote biodiversity while decreasing heat island effect – with metal elements designed specifically to optimize natural light penetration reducing artificial lighting needs. 

Investment of Seattle's Future Project by Project

Opting for exterior metalwork from North 2 South Iron Works is more than an investment in your building; it’s an investment in Seattle’s future. By choosing durable yet visually striking metal elements from us, you are contributing to creating an aesthetically pleasing city that’s also environmentally responsible. Together with us shaping Seattle’s ever-evolving skyline and streetscapes as well as landmarks that become integral parts of its story – these investments become timeless assets in Seattle’s tale.

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North 2 South Iron Works: Your Partner in Shaping Seattle's Exterior Identity

North 2 South Iron Works welcomes your request for a complimentary consultation, where our team would love to listen and assist in turning your vision into an enduring tribute to Seattle. 

Together we can leave our mark by creating something truly remarkable which shapes the landscape with exterior metal work in Seattle, WA while simultaneously adding its vibrant charm.